Prior Conduct Disclosure

A complete disclosure includes the following:

  • 1. A completed application for admission to IUPUI

    If you have a prior conduct disclosure, you must first submit your application for admission to IUPUI with the questions regarding the disclosure accurately answered. Your complete application (including transcripts) must be submitted by the priority application deadline for the term for which you are applying. These deadlines are:

    • For fall semester: May 1
    • For spring semester: November 1
    • For summer session I: March 15
    • For summer session II: May 1
  • 2. A prepared written statement detailing the prior conduct

    As part of your application, you must provide a statement regarding the conduct you are disclosing. This statement should include: the nature of the offense (and offenses if more than one), location (city, state, country) of conviction or previous conduct, dates and court disposition, and the reason(s) for the behavior. If you have been disciplined for nonacademic reasons at any high school, postsecondary institution, college, or university, you must provide a statement that includes an explanation, the location and name of the institution, dates, and disposition of the case.

    Order any paperwork you can about your incident if you do not remember specific details. Take time to read it and identify what happened. If you accepted responsibility for something, figure out whether you “pled guilty,” received a “deferred adjudication” (sometimes called a continuance without a finding, or a “nolo contendere” plea), or just had to pay a fine without making an admission.

    Include these items in your written statement:

    • Details of incident: Please provide details, including a complete description of the facts and circumstances that led to the charges. You should include:
      1. Who participated
      2. Who the victim was
      3. What losses were suffered
      4. When, where and how the event(s) occurred.
    • Explanation of criminal/disciplinary history: please explain the reason(s) for your behavior.
    • What positive changes have you made in your life since the event(s)?

    This statement must also include a grant of permission to IUPUI for complete access to criminal records, if any, and/or permission for complete access to disciplinary records, if any, at your previous high school, postsecondary institution, college or university.

    You will submit your statement along with your prior conduct disclosure form (step 3).

  • 3. Complete the prior conduct disclosure form

    In addition to your written statement, you must submit an online form that provides factual details about the offense(s) you are disclosing. This form also must be submitted prior to the priority application deadlines listed in step 1.

    Complete the prior conduct disclosure form