Prior Conduct Disclosure

We want to hear your story

Every story isn't as simple as it may appear. We recognize that some have deeper roots that need to be further explained, and this is where you come in. Your story is important — not just to you, but also to IUPUI.  We want to hear what you've been through, so we can help you towards where you need to go as you navigate through the admissions process.

Like many institutions of higher education, IUPUI reviews the nature of a self-disclosed prior conduct history before advancing an application for admissions consideration. Know that this inquiry is not carried with you beyond your admission, and IUPUI is here to work with you to make your aspirations a reality.

You can find out what our requirements are here. We're dedicated to hearing exactly who you are and why you belong here.

Who's listening?

100% of students with prior conduct are reviewed and individually considered by IUPUI faculty and staff.