Transferring Credits to IUPUI

Understanding transfer credit

IUPUI defines transfer credit as any credit awarded for coursework completed at any college or university outside of the Indiana University system. When you transfer to IUPUI, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions conducts an initial review of the coursework you completed at any other colleges or universities to determine whether you will receive credit at IUPUI for that coursework. The school or department in which your major is housed decides how your transfer credit will apply to your degree requirements.

Transfer credit policies and frequently asked questions

When IUPUI receives your official transcript from each college or university you’ve attended, your prior coursework is evaluated to determine whether it will transfer to IUPUI. There are several factors that affect what coursework will transfer.

Accreditation status of the school where you earned the credit

IUPUI is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and awards credit for coursework completed at a college or university that holds accreditation from a regional accrediting organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Whether a course is equivalent to an IU or Purdue course

IUPUI evaluates coursework from other institutions to determine whether there is an equivalent IU or Purdue course. Coursework that is transferrable to IUPUI but does not have an equivalent IU or Purdue course (as determined by an academic department) will be transferred as undistributed credit.

The grade you received for the course

You must receive a grade of C or better in a course to receive credit for it at IUPUI. No courses with grades of C– or lower will transfer to IUPUI.

None of your grades from transferred courses will count in your IUPUI GPA; however, some IUPUI academic units may consider those grades for admission or other academic purposes.

How long it’s been since you completed the course

Courses that were completed 10 or more years ago (and in some cases more recently) may not be accepted in some programs of study and must be approved by the IUPUI school and/or department that houses your degree program.

IUPUI will not award transfer credit for:

  • Courses in which you received a C– or lower, unless you are transferring from another Purdue campus and plan to enroll in a Purdue degree program at IUPUI. In that case, all your Purdue coursework will transfer to your IUPUI record, including any courses with D or F grades.
  • Courses and/or credits awarded by another institution for placement examinations or credit by exam, such as Advanced Placement exams or the International Baccalaureate.
  • Courses taken at nationally accredited institutions.
  • Remedial, college preparatory, or personal development courses.
  • Graduate courses.

If you’ve taken a course for which there is no direct equivalent at IUPUI, you may be awarded undistributed credit. 

As part of your application for admission, you must have official transcripts sent to IUPUI from each college or university you’ve attended, including:

  • Transcripts from any college or university at which you were enrolled but did not complete any classes
  • Transcripts from any dual-credit courses or college courses completed while you were in high school

You must contact each school and request that your official transcript be sent to IUPUI. Transcripts should be mailed to:

IUPUI Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Cavanaugh Hall 147
425 University Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46202

We also can accept official transcripts sent electronically from colleges and universities. However, we do not accept emailed PDFs of transcripts; your transcript must be electronically generated from an official system.

Electronic transcripts can be sent to If your school will be sending limited-time credentials that allow us to access their system, be sure to make your request during regular business hours.

If you’re admitted to IUPUI, you will be able to view your Transfer Credit Report in One.IU about two to three weeks after we notify you of your acceptance. Your Transfer Credit Report will show:

  • All the courses you’ve taken at other institutions
  • Whether each course will transfer
  • If applicable, the equivalent course at IUPUI for which you will receive credit

The grades you received for coursework taken at other institutions do not transfer to IUPUI, and they are not included in your GPA unless:

  • You are transferring from an IU campus
  • You are transferring from a Purdue campus to a Purdue degree program at IUPUI

If you want to have undistributed credit considered for a direct equivalency to an IUPUI course, you can contact a transfer credit counselor at

When you discuss your courses with a transfer credit counselor, we recommend that you have syllabi ready for any courses for which you’ve received undistributed credit. This will help with the process of determining whether those courses have a direct equivalency to an IUPUI course.

If you’re transferring to IUPUI from an IU campus, the credit you earned at that campus automatically will appear on your IUPUI academic record. It will be reviewed by an IUPUI academic advisor to apply it toward an IUPUI degree program.

If you’re transferring from a Purdue campus and you plan to enroll in a Purdue degree program, all your Purdue coursework will transfer to your IUPUI record, including any courses with D or F grades.

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