Complete these steps to become a Jaguar

Create your network account

Your network account at IUPUI is your key to several important tools you'll use as a Jaguar. These include:

  • Your campus email
  • One.IU (which includes your Student Center and To-Do list)
  • Canvas 
  • ...and more!

Create your network account by following the directions below. Also, be sure to check your campus email on a regular basis once you create it!

Get started

One of the first things you'll need to create your network account is your 10-digit University ID. This can be found on your letter of admission, but you can also look it up here.  In addition to this ID, you'll also need your last name (as listed on your application) and your date of birth.

Your official network account is different from the guest account you might have created when you applied for admission, and provides you with access to more systems than the application for admission.

Create your first computing account