Birthday Bash

Happy birthday to us...

What's better than experiencing IUPUI's daily campus visit program? Adding a birthday party to it as well! IUPUI's 50th Anniversary Birthday Bash is taking place on Thursday, January 24. In addition to your campus visit, you'll have the opportunity to partake in the celebration! Who knows, we might even have a special gift for you!


Plan ahead for parking

We're expecting a ton of visitors on campus for the 50th Anniversary Birthday Bash, so we encourage you to plan to arrive early to find parking. 

More information about parking will go here!

Presents? Aww, you shouldn't have...

There's no need to bring us a present for our birthday; however, if you feel compelled, we are strongly encouraging guests to bring a donation for Paw's Pantry  — an on-campus food resource for IUPUI students, staff, and faculty. We recommend non-perishable items, such as breakfast cereal or canned goods.