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Description of the video:

Music plays

[Video: Naomi, a black female student, walks down a library aisle with her backpack over her shoulder.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: Everyone says college is a place to find…

[Video: A man wearing an apron sits in his backyard with a barbecue grill next to him.]

The man speaks: Find

[Video: A woman stands near a cocktail table while waiters walk by and a piano player sits in the background.]

The woman speaks: Find

[Video: An older woman sits in an elaborately decorated living room while holding a tea cup.]

The woman speaks: Find yourself.

[Video: Naomi looks up from a book and then straight at the camera. She shuts the book with a wry look on her face.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: But I know who I am. I’m Naomi.

[Video: Naomi adjusts beakers and takes notes in a lab space while her lab partner works next to her.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: I work hard.

[Video: Naomi and her friends sit in a stairwell while eating snacks and watching a video on an iPad.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: I love my friends.

[Video: A pair of legs kick a soccer ball. The soccer ball hits the back of the net and Naomi points at the net as she backs away, she’s excited that she’s made the goal. The Carrol Stadium stands sit in the background.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: And I always want the ball.

[Video: Naomi wears her backpack while walking through the Wood Fountain courtyard, the fountain rushes behind her. Naomi waves to a friend as she passes her, we see more of campus and the fall tree colors behind her.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: IUPUI is a lot of things.

[Video: It’s late at night, Naomi walks through the open doors of a skywalk tunnel connecting the Campus Center and Cavanaugh Hall.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: But, most importantly. 

[Video: Naomi walks through the office space at her internship carrying a clipboard of papers. Others in the office sit at their desks and computers.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: It’s a place to be yourself.

[Video: An overhead shot shows the table where Naomi and a group of friends are studying. There’s a half-eaten piece of pizza, coffee and soda cups, notebooks, textbooks, and laptops sitting on the table. We then see Naomi sitting with her friends she types as her male friend talks out loud. It’s later at night and Naomi turns her phone in selfie mode, she smiles while her friends hold up a sign pointing to another sleeping friend on the couch.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: It’s more than late-night study sessions.

[Video: A full pot of coffee sits on a table and slowly empties.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: Or serious amounts of coffee.

[Video: Naomi sits at a computer with a professor standing next to her. She shows her professor the 3D hearing aid model on her computer. The professor suggests something and Naomi nods.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: It’s a place to really learn something new.

[Video: Naomi and her friends stand behind a 3D printer while it moves rapidly, printing the hearing aid.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: Change it.

[Video: Naomi bends down to adjust the hearing aid she created, the little girl wearing it smiles back at Naomi. It works!

Naomi speaks via voiceover: And leave your mark on it.

[Video: Naomi stands on a rooftop with her friends on either side of her, she looks off into the distance with awe and wonder in her eyes.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: College was just the beginning.

[Video: The camera cuts to what Naomi is looking at, the Indianapolis skyline.]

Naomi speaks via voiceover: And what I do next is up to me.

The IUPUI logo appears on screen.

Text appears on screen: Granting Indiana University and Purdue University degrees in Indianapolis.

Music plays.

Two students work together at a laptop in the Business SPEA hallway.


27,690 students

$207.6M total financial aid awarded to degree-seeking undergraduate students in 2020–2021

500+ student organizations

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