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Your admissions counselor is your personal guide to IUPUI, helping you navigate the admission process from start to finish. All our counselors are IUPUI experts, and they’re happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Each of IUPUI’s admissions counselors serves high schools in a specific geographic area. You can use our interactive tool to find the admissions counselor for your high school, then go to that person’s profile page to learn more, including when she or he will be visiting your area.

We're proud to offer virtual counseling through Zoom for incoming freshmen to attend. Sign up through our online form.

Here you can answer a few questions to learn who your counselor will be. Use the accessible version of our interactive tool to find your admissions counselor.

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Homeschooled students

If you’re a homeschooled student, your admissions counselor is Alice Matouk.

Honors students

If you’re considering applying to the IUPUI Honors College, your admissions counselor is Melissa Myroup.

Latino and Hispanic students

If you’re a Latino or Hispanic student, your admissions counselor is Alyssa Luna.

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