Diversity Scholarships

Scholarship programs that lead to your success

Like you, more than one in four newly-admitted Jaguars identify as coming from a diverse background. IUPUI is committed to providing you with the resources to enhance your future as a Jaguar. Scholarship programs are more than dollars that help fund your education - they're the tools you need to make the most of your education. Whether they provide mentorship, research, or hands-on work within the community, these programs provide you with what you need to succeed at IUPUI.

Types of scholarship programs

At IUPUI, scholarship programs are generally broken up into two categories: general scholarships, which are available to students regardless of what they're studying, and major-based scholarships, which are only available to students in a designated major or field of study. You can learn more about these scholarships, and how to apply, by exploring your options below.

Major-based scholarship programs for diverse populations

How to apply

The first step to being considered for any of these programs is to submit an application for admission to IUPUI. Once you have applied for admission, you'll be eligible to create your IU computing account. You can then apply for scholarship opportunities using our general application:

  1. Go to One.IU.
  2. Search scholarships.
  3. Click on the scholarships task and log in using your IU computing account. If you have not yet created your IU computing account, you can learn more on the IU Knowledge Base. Creating this account requires you to input your 10-digit University ID. If you do not know your University ID, you can look it up using the Self-Service University ID Lookup, or email apply@iupui.edu
  4. If you are new to the Indiana University Scholarship System, be sure to complete the General Application to see a list of recommended scholarship opportunities.
  5. Once you submit the General Application, you can also search for scholarships by clicking on Ours under Opportunities in the gray navigation bar along the top and search with the keyword IUPUI or the specific name of a scholarship.

Get rewarded with RaiseMe

Did you know you can earn IUPUI scholarship dollars just by completing common college-search tasks? IUPUI has partnered with RaiseMe to help you be prepared for college by completing achievements, which are then rewarded with micro-scholarships. Scholarships earned through RaiseMe are not stackable with admission-based awards. 

Start earning with RaiseMe

Your future starts here

You'll be surrounded by the opportunity at IUPUI, as long as you enact on it. If you've been admitted, be sure to explore your next steps towards becoming a Jaguar. If you haven't yet been admitted, take the steps to learn ways that you can make the most out of your high school education, which will prepare you for your best college experience.