Indy Achieves

Support for you to achieve greatness

If you're a resident of Marion County in Indiana, you may qualify for Indy Achieves, a series of support programs geared to help you achieve a lifetime of success during and after your education at IUPUI. 

Indy Achieves offers...

Personalized help

Two students sitting on the gras near Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis. The male (on the right) is holding a laptop, while the female (on the left) looks at the screen with him.

You'll have a mentor to help you navigate through the college enrollment process and deadlines.

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Financial support

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The Indy Achieves Promise Scholarship helps you cover the gap between college costs and your unmet need.

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Success coaching

Two males sitting at a metal table outside of IUPUI's University Library. Both are holding pens and have paper in front of them. The male student on the right has a red shirt that prominently displays the fraternity TKE.

Once you're at IUPUI, you'll be eligible to receive success coach to help you  perform at your best.

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How to qualify for Indy Achieves

Your success with Indy Achieves starts with your freshman application and admission to IUPUI. After that, qualifying is a breeze. To qualify for Indy Achieves, you must:

  • Be a Marion County (IN) resident at the time of admission to IUPUI.
  • Be a first-time, full-time, degree-seeking student completing a minimum of 30 credits per academic year. 
  • File a FAFSA  before April 15th (IUPUI's school code is 001813).
  • Qualify and receive any form of state financial aid (such as Indiana 21st Century Scholar, or the Frank O'Bannon Grant).

Students — regardless of their age — who meet the criteria above can qualify for Indy Achieves. You'll remain eligible for funding and services as long as you are still eligible for state aid, and complete at least 30 credit hours each academic year.

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