On-campus urban living

The best way to fully experience student life at IUPUI? Live on campus. Not only will you be steps away from your classes and student activities, but you’ll also be near world-class arts and culture, sports, recreation, shopping, and dining in downtown Indianapolis.

Most of all, you’ll connect with your fellow Jaguars and form friendships—and memories—that will last a lifetime.

Learn about on-campus housing

All of IUPUI’s on-campus housing options, including residence halls, apartments, and townhomes, are open to first-year students.


IUPUI offers a variety of meal plans that are available to all students, regardless of whether they live on or off campus.

If you live in Ball Residence Hall, North Hall, or University Tower, you’re required to have a meal plan. If you live in the Riverwalk Apartments or the Townhomes, you have the option to select a meal plan, but you’re not required to have one.

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Choose your community

With 14 RBLCs on campus, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you. Majoring in a STEM field? Try living in North Hall’s STEM Community. Want to get to know students from other countries and cultures? The International House at the Riverwalk Apartments is for you. Planning a career in a health profession? Join the Health Careers Community in North Hall.

There are RBLCs in North Hall, University Tower, and the Riverwalk Apartments. When you apply for housing, you’ll have the opportunity to request a housing assignment in an RBLC.

Amanda Echegaray

I was able to meet other students who had the same aspirations and talents as I did. Many times we would work on projects together, go to events as a group, or just hang out together.

Informatics major Amanda Echegaray lived in the School of Informatics and Computing RBLC as a freshman.

Take the lead

IUPUI’s residence halls are active, thriving communities where you can develop your leadership skills and work to create a positive residence life experience for everyone.

Each IUPUI residence hall has a hall council that serves as a liaison between residents and the Office of Housing and Residence Life. The councils organize educational and social activities and events for residents.

Each council has elected leadership that includes a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer, and at least one representative from each floor or wing. All residents are eligible to run for a position. Students who aren’t elected to leadership roles can participate as general members.

Learn about Hall Councils

The IUPUI Residence Hall Association (RHA) facilitates communication between the Hall Councils, plans large-scale events for the residence halls, and makes sure residents’ voices are heard.

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The LYFE Scholars Program helps first-year students get acclimated to college and develop their academic and personal skills.

Learn about the LYFE Scholars Program

IUPUI is home to the Crossroads Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), a leadership honorary composed of the top 1 percent of students living on campus.

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