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Description of the video:


If you have any questions, please contact IUPUI Admissions at or give them at call at 317-274-4591.

[Video: Open with IUPUI logo flickering on black screen.]

[Video: Slow motion drone footage of the top of the IUPUI Campus Center which then reveals the Indianapolis skyline during a sunrise.]

[Video: A vibrant pink Indianapolis skyline during sunrise with IUPUI’s Carroll Stadium and the White River in the foreground]

 [Video: IUPUI’s Carroll Stadium shown in foreground of the Indianapolis Skyline during sunrise.]

[Video: Drone footage of IUPUI campus showing the University Library and Engineering/Technology Building with bright green grass in-between sidewalks.]

[Video: Drone tilts from the exterior of the University Library to the elaborate design of the sidewalk in front of it.]

[Video: Shot of the elaborate IUPUI Sidewalk from a bird’s eye view.]

[Video: Moving footage of the entrance to the University Tower, going through the brick pillars.]

[Video: Wider shot of the University Tower entrance form the courtyard with brick pillars, sidewalk, and green grass.]

[Video: Slow pan of Eskenazi Hall with a giant brick wall and glass windows lining edge of roof.]

[Video: Close up drone footage of Inlow Hall with limestone and glass exterior.]

[Video: Drone flying above the circular limestone courtyard within North Hall]

[Video: Bird’s eye view of the circular limestone courtyard within North Hall]

[Video: Wide shot of students entering the Campus Center]

[Video: Panning shot of the Campus Center windows with the escalators spanning all four floors shown inside.]

[Video: Corner of University Hall with one side of the building made of windows and limestone while the other is glass windows.  University Boulevard is shown on the left side of the screen. ]

[Video: Wide shot of the Campus Center and Cavanaugh Hall. University Boulevard is dividing it and you can see a tunnel connecting both building from the second floor.]

[Video: The limestone walls of the Business/SPEA building are shown with the Indianapolis skyline in the distance.]

[Video: Footage pans quickly between University Hall to Taylor Hall while the Indianapolis skyline is seen in the background.]

[Video: Drone footage of a student riding on a skateboard on an empty road.]

[Video: Wide shot of the Riverwalk Apartments. Many brick buildings are seen with parking lots and trees interspersed between each building.]

[Video: Drone flies in to show a tunnel with a printed on photo of students making jaguar paws with their hands. The ad says “Welcome to Jaguar Nation!” Footage zooms back out at the end of the clip.]

[Video: Final shot is of the Indianapolis skyline during a sunrise. The IUPUI logo slowly fades in. Everything fades to black. ]