Essay Workshops

Finalize your IUPUI application during our essay workshops

Let's face it - you are a lot more than the average of your grades and test scores. When you apply for admission to IUPUI, we want to know more than how well you did in school - we want to hear about your goals and dreams. So while your transcripts might tell us about your academics, your essay tells us about YOU. 

Join us on campus for an Admission Essay Workshops where we will provide you with tips on how to effectively write an essay with admission and scholarships in mind. The workshop will also include:

  • a diverse panel of IUPUI students telling you about their experiences as Jaguars
  • a session to help parents navigate the college search process
  • your next steps in the college search process
  • a tour of campus

You will leave the workshop with a final draft of your admission essay, and as an added bonus, we'll provide you with a code to waive your $65 admission application fee! 

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