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JagDays are your opportunity to explore a specific major or field of study that interests you. Hosted by IUPUI’s academic schools and units, JagDays introduce you to the academic experience in your area of interest.

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What to expect

JagDay agendas vary depending on which academic unit is hosting the event, but possible activities include:

  • Meeting with current students, faculty, and staff in your academic area of interest.
  • Taking a campus tour led by one of our Campus Ambassadors.
  • Grab food in Citizens Commons - a food court in the Campus Center - then have time to mingle with staff and students.

Find a JagDay that's right for you

IUPUI academic schools and units offer JagDays throughout the academic year (spring dates will be available in November). Space is limited, so be sure to secure your reservation early.

JagDays begin at 10 a.m., and check-in begins 15 minutes prior to your JagDay start time.

Explore available dates based on your area of interest:

Academic and Career Development (University College)  -  Art and Design  -  Business  -  Education  -  Engineering and Technology  -  Health and Human Sciences  -  IUPUI Honors College  -  Informatics and Computing  -  Liberal Arts  -  Nursing  -  Philanthropy  -  Public and Environmental Affairs - Public Health  -  Science  -  Social Work

Academic and Career Development (University College)
  • September 3rd
  • October 8th
  • November 5th
  • December 3rd
IU Kelley School of Business
  • October 9th
  • November 6th
  • November 25th
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology
  • September 16th (Biomedical Engineering)
  • September 19th (Computer Information & Graphics Technology)
  • October 1st (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  • October 14th (Mechanical Engineering & Energy Engineering)
  • October 15th (Engineering Technology)
  • October 28th (Organizational Leadership & Technical Communication)
  • October 31st (Music Technology & Music Therapy)
  • November 1st (Motorsports Engineering)
IUPUI Honors College
  • November 4th
IU School of Liberal Arts
  • September 9th
  • October 8th
  • November 11th
IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
  • September 16th
  • November 12th
Purdue School of Science
  • September 18th (Forensics & Chemistry)
  • September 30th (Biology, Psychology, & Neuroscience)
  • October 17th (Computer Science, Math, Physics, & Earth Science)
  • October 29th (Forensics & Biology)
IU Herron School of Art and Design
  • September 18th
  • October 2nd
  • November 13th
IU School of Education
  • September 9th
  • November 11th
  • December 2nd
IU School of Health and Human Sciences
  • September 10th (TCEM & Sports Management)
  • September 17th (Health Sciences & Kinesiology)
  • November 7th (TCEM & Sports Management)
  • November 13th (Health Sciences & Kinesiology)
IU School of Informatics and Computing
  • September 12th
  • October 3rd
  • November 7th
IU School of Nursing
  • September 11th
  • October 4th
  • November 8th
  • November 22nd
  • December 6th
IU O'Neil School of Public and Environmental Affairs
  • October 2nd
  • November 20th

IU Fairbanks School of Public Health

  • September 16th
  • October 7th
  • November 1st
IU School of Social Work
  • October 7th
  • November 18th

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